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What is Mild Dry Eye?

A slight condition of dry eye with the following symptoms:
    -mild itching
    -mild pain or discomfort
    -occasional foreign body sensation or gritty feeling in the eyes
    -occasional redness

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mild Dry Eye symptoms and seasonal allergy related symptoms?

Discharge or secretions in the corners of the eyes, usually white in color and/or mucus-like strands indicate allergy related symptoms.  Itchy eyes are more than likely related to Dry Eye in all forms.  To tell the difference, a cold compress applied for 5-10 minutes will relieve itchiness related to allergy eyes.

How often should I see my Optometrist for treatment of Mild Dry Eye?

Contact your Optometrist for specific information regarding your diagnosis.

Should I use Over the Counter products for treatment of Mild Dry Eye symptoms?

Patients diagnosed with Mild Dry Eye symptoms can utilize the products available on this website. TheraTears Multidose eye drops are recommended for symptoms at this level.

What medical conditions, factors and/or diseases produce Mild Dry Eye Symptoms?

One or more of the following can contribute symptoms:  Aging, hormone changes, changes to your environment, inconsistent blinking (staring at the computer too long, playing video games etc.…), wearing contact lenses, post laser or refractive surgeries,  autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, thyroid disease or Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids).

Do any medications produce symptoms of Mild Dry Eye?

Often, medications such as anti-histamines and nasal decongestants will produce these symptoms.  There are some anti-depressants and birth control pills that will have the same effect.  Consult your pharmacist about medications and their side effects.

Can I wear Contact Lenses if I have Mild Dry Eye?

Yes.  In most cases, Blink Contacts will aide in the treatment of symptoms.  Consult your Optometrist regarding your specific diagnosis and the use of this product.

Try this product to relieve symptoms of Mild Dry Eye

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Thera Tears Multidose 30mL
Thera Tears Multidose 30mL
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